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“#SAMOKAZEM (JUST SAYING)” (DRAMA/Belgrade, SERBIA); Fond B92, Tuna Fish Studio – creators (2 Awards), Cinematography, Lead Actress

“#SAY WHAT?!” (TALK-LIFESTYLE/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Starr Session, Nicole Seidman, Jill Anenberg – creators (2 Awards), Series, Ensemble Cast

“2 FOR FLINCHING” (COMEDY/Valley Village, CALIFORNIA); Ben Schyan – creator (4 Awards), Writing, Lead Actor, Series, Guest Actor

“2 HOPEFULL SPINSTERS” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Dellany Towne Peace & Heather Olt – creators

(4 Awards), Ensemble Cast, Special /Visual Effects, Sound Design, Series,

“200 CONTRACTS” (DRAMA/Brooklyn, NEW YORK); Mickey Micklos – creator (4 Awards), Editing, Director, Lead Actor, Series,

“25 AND MARRIED” (COMEDY/ Houston, TEXAS); Brittany Djie, Nicholas Mills, Stash Slionski – creators

(3 Awards), Writing, Lead Actor, Series,

“2Fur1” (COMEDY (mockumentary)/North Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Jahnna Lee Randall – creator (2 Awards), Lead Voice Actor, Supporting Actor,

“3SOME” (DRAMA/London, ENGLAND); Lisa Gifford – creator (1 Award), Lead Actress

“7TH & WASHINGTON” (ANIMATION)/Glendale, CALIFORNIA); Justin Dean & Nate Ferrell-creators (3 Awards), Sound Design, Writing, Series


(3 Awards), Series, Editing, Directing

“ADVENTURES OF SUPERSEVEN:  SEASON 3” (DRAMEDY/Studio City, CALIFORNIA); Scott Rhodes – creator (3 Awards), Lead Actress, Lead Actor, Editing,

“AETERNUS” (SCFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Vancouver, CANADA); Derek Langer – creator (2 Awards), Cinematography, Directing

“ALL IN THE METHOD” (COMEDY/Croydon, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM); Rich Keeble, Luke Kaile – creators

(1 Award), Guest Actor

“APT. 8 NEWS” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Kris Wellman – creator (2 Awards), Ensemble Cast, Editing

“ASAPSCIENCE” (DOCUMENTARY/Ontario, CANADA); Mitchell Moffitt, Gregory Brown – creators (2 Awards), Series, Writing

“AUTHENTIK” (COMEDY/Neuilly sur mame, FRANCE); Anthony Lemaitre – creator (5 Awards), 2-Supporting Actors, Lead Actress, Series, Writing

“BAD THERAPY” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Kaylee Sapieha & Thomas O’Leary—creators (3 Awards), (2) Guest Actors, Lead Actress

“BEHIND THE BLADE– AMERICAN SHAVE: SEASON 2” (DOCUMENTARY/Union, NEW JERSEY); Yoisen   Rosales – creator (4 Awards), Series, Writing, Directing, Editing

“BENNINGTON GOTHIQUE” (SOAP OPERA/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Gregory E. Connor – creator

(1 Award), Cinematography

“BETWEEN JUPITER & MARS” (COMEDY/West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Rob Bruner, Campbell Massie – creators (6 Awards), Lead Actor, Guest Actor, Series, Writing, Theme Song, Special/visual Effects, Editing

“BIRTH RIGHT” (DRAMA/Stone Mountain, GEORGIA); Brian Egeston – creator (2 Awards), Series, Lead Actress

“BISHOP” (DRAMA/Torrance, CALIFORNIA); Osakwe T. Vasquez – creator (6 Awards), Sound Design, Cinematography, Lead Actor, Guest Actor, Series, Writing, Theme Song, Special/visual Effects, Editing

“BLOOD BROTHERS” (DRAMA/Chula Vista, CALIFORNIA); Jamie Nieto – creator (2 Awards), Series, Directing

“BLOODY JUSTICE:  THE KILLER’S REALITY SHOW” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Madrid, SPAIN); Pablo Morales de los Rios—creator (5 Awards) Editing, Directing, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, Visual/Special Effects “BLOOMERS:  SEASON 2” (COMEDY/West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Matt Palazzolo – creator (4 Awards), Lead Actress, (2) Guest Actress, Writing

“BLUE CODE” (DRAMA/Studio City, CALIFORNIA); Will Haynes – creator (5 Awards), Series, Directing, (2) Lead Actors, Writing,

“BOUNTY HUNTERS” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); David Spates – creator (1 Award) Lead Ensemble

“BROKEN AT LOVE” (SOAP OPERA/Fresno, CALIFORNIA); Karolina Sivas – creator (3 Awards), Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, Writing,

“BUT I’M CHRIS JERICHO” (COMEDY/Toronto, CANADA); Gary Rideout Jr., Craig Brown, Bob Kerr, Chris Jericho—creators (4 Awards), Series, Supporting Actor, Lead Actor, Writing,

“CHEAP THRILLS L.A.” (TRAVEL-TALK-LIFESTYLE/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Virginia Watson – creator (1 Award) Host

“CHOP SOCKY BOOM” (COMEDY/Seattle, WASHINGTON); Darlene Sellers and Heath Ward – creators (2 Awards) Theme Song, Lead Actor


(6 Awards) Editing, Lead Actress, Sound Design, Series, Score, Special/Visual Effects

“CLADDAGH:  LOVE, LOYALTY, FRIENDSHIP”(DRAMA/Kirkland, CANADA); Alan Duggan – creator  (5 Awards), Series Premise/ Concept, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Theme Song, Visual/Special Effects,

“CLAIRE & MICHEL:  THE DOCUMENTARY” (DRAMEDY/Montreal, CANADA); Gabriel Dore – creator (6 Awards), Series, Writing, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Guest Actress, Supporting Actor

“CLOSE FRIENDS” (DRAMA/Plantation, FLORIDA); Ricky W. Jean Francois, McKinson Souverain – creators (4 Awards), Writing, Theme Song, Ensemble Cast, Series,

“CLUTCH” (DRAMA/Toronto, Ontario, CANADA); Jonathan Robbins – creator (3 Awards), Guest Actor, Score, Writing

“COLOR THE NIGHT” (FANTASY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Emiliano Styles – creator (1 Award), Cinematography

“CONVOS WITH MY 2-YEAR OLD” (COMEDY/Port Moody, CANADA); Matthew Clarke-creator (1 Award), Series Premise Concept

“COTTO & FRULLATO” (COOK ‘N BLEND)” (REALITY-DRAMEDY/Milano, ITALY); Paolo Cellammare – creator (3 Awards), lead Actor, Series, Writing

“CREW:  SEASON 2 (DRAMA/Howard Beach, NEW YORK); Tony Napolitano – creator (4 Awards), Series, Writing, (2)Supporting Actor,

“CRIMINAL CRISIS” (DRAMEDY/Milan, ITALY); Toni Brunetti – creator (6 Awards), Series, Lead Actor, Guest Actor, Writing, Sound Design, Theme Song

“CUCKOO” (DRAMA/Dublin, IRELAND); Nikki Racklin – creator (7 Awards), Directing, Editing, Series, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, Writing, Special/Visual Effects

“DATING SAVANNAH LOVE” (COMEDY/Sherman Oaks, CALIFORNIA); Pentene’ Monique, Brandon Lyle – creators (2 Awards), /Guest Actor, Guest Actress

“DEAD BOY” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Torino, ITALY); Alessio Russo – creator (2 Awards), Directing, Special/Visual Effects

“DÉJÀ VU” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Bogota, COLUMBIA); Juan Francisco Perez Villalba & Edwin Herrera Ruiz – creators (5 Awards), Directing, Lead Actor, Series, Writing, Composer

“DESTROY THE ALPHA GAMMAS” (MUSICAL/West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Leah McKendrick – creator (3 Awards, Cinematography, Directing, Sound Design

“DEVIL’S CIRCUS” (DRAMA/Springfield, MISSOURI); Brent Jones – creator (2 Awards), Directing, Series

“DIRTY THIRTIES” (COMEDY/Playa Del Rey, CALIFORNIA); Courtney Zito – creator (3 Awards), Writing, Lead Actress, Series

“DOOKIE SQUAD” (COMEDY/Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA); Angela Palmer – creator (2 Awards), Theme Song, Writing

“EASTSIDER” (DRAMA/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Kit Williamson – creator (3 Awards),Supporting Actress, Lead Actress, Writer

“EL GRAN DIA DE LOS FEOS (THE GREAT DAY OF THE UGLY ONES)”/(SCIFI-FANTASY/Madrid, SPAIN); Nabil Chabaan – creator (9 Awards), Series, Writing, Directing, Editing, Series Premise, Cinematography, Sound Design, Lead Actor, Lead Actress,

“ENGLISHMAN IN L.A.” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Cameron Moir – creator (7 Awards), Guest Actor, Guest Actress, Writing, Guest Actress, Series, Directing, Guest Actor,

“ESTHER’S STYLE” (COMEDY/Buenes Aires, ARGENTINA); Pedro Levati–creator (7 Awards) Series, Writing, Directing, Editing, Cinematography, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor,

“EVEN SUPERHEROES PAY THE BILLS…” (COMEDY/Rome, ITALY); Gian Luca Caruso – creator (2 Awards),Lead Actress, Special/Visual Effects

“FAME & FIDELITY” (COMEDY/Toronto, CANADA); Yusuf Zine – creator (1 Award), Supporting Actor

“FAMILY PROBLEMS” (DRAMA/Barrington, RHODE ISLAND); Seth Chitwood – creator (4 Awards) Series, Writing, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress

“FANTASY HOSPITAL” (ANIMATION (comedy)/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Justin Marchert – creator (1 Award), Writing

“FASATEEN” (INTERACTIVE NARRATIVE DRAMA/Beirut, LEBANON); Katie Saleh – creator (3 Awards)Series, Writing, Lead Actress

“FIT FOR A FEAST” (TALK/LIFESTYLE/Ontario, CANADA); Donna and Sloan Wilson, Brenda and Katrina Archer, Jerry Pacher—creators (1 Award), Series

“FLAT OUT” (REALITY/Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA); Vuguru LLC – producer (1 Award), Series

“FOOLS FOR HIRE:  SEASON 2” (COMEDY/Richmond,  CANADA); Neil Every, Mike Cavers, Nick Harrison- creators (2 Awards), Guest Actor, Cinematography

“FOOTBALL 101 WITH JACKIE BEAN-ROBERTS” (SPORTS/Gwynn Oak, MARYLAND); Paul Franklin – creator (1 Awards),Host

“FRATITUDE” (COMEDY/West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Trevor Anthony – creator (1 Award), Ensemble Cast

“FRIENDS IN THERAPY” (COMEDY/Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA); Joe Towne, Darryl Johnson – creators (2 Awards), Writing, Ensemble Cast

“FUTURE DUCK” (COMEDY (animation)/London, ENGLAND); Henry Dalton, Paul Cope—creators (10 Awards)

Series, Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, Theme Song, Special/Visual Effects, Score, Voice Artist

“G&T” (DRAMA/Torino, ITALY); Francesco D’Alessio, Matto Rocchi – creators (2 Awards) Lead Actor, Lead Actress

“GET STUFFED” (COMEDY/Melbourne, AUSTRALIA); Michael Lanzer—creator (2 Awards, Writing, Voice Artist

“GORILLA THERAPY” (COMEDY/Orange, CALIFORNIA); Nathaniel Dueber, Yani Gutierrez, Esmeralda De Pal—creators (2 Awards), Guest Actress, Supporting Actor

“GRAPES ROOMATE” (COMEDY/Brooklyn, NEW YORK); Andy Zou – creator (3 Awards), Series, Series Premise/Concept, Writing

“GREAT” (COMEDY/South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA); Carl J. Sorheim – creator (1 Award), Ensemble Cast

“GRINGOLANDIA” (COMEDY (mockumentary)/Brooklyn, NEW YORK); Cristobal Ross – creator (1 Award), Supporting Actor

“HALF BROTHERS” (COMEDY/Hyattsville, MARYLAND); Delante Sealey – creator (1 Award), Lead Actor

“HAPPY HUMANS” (REALITY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Christopher Julian Limon, Jodi Marie Kumpula – creator (2 Awards) Sound Design, Host

“HEADSHOTS” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Todd McCullough – creator (6 Awards), Editing, Guest Actor, Lead Actor, Lead Actor, Series, Writing

“HEADSHOTS & BREAKDOWNS” (COMEDY/Brooklyn, NEW YORK); John Graham, David Snyder – creators (1 Award), Lead Actor

“HEIGHTS TO HOLLYWOOD” (DRAMEDY/Brooklyn, NEW YORK); Charlotte Buck, Ryan Foster Casey – creators creator (1 Award), Lead Actor

“HELL FROZE OVER” (COMEDY/Burbank, CALIFORNIA); Wilder Konschak – creator (3 Awards), Lead Actress, Guest Actor, Writing

“HENRY & AARON’S 7 STEPS TO SUPERSTARDOM” (COMEDY/Perth Western, AUSTRALIA); Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann – creators (6 Awards), Directing, Editing, Lead Actor, Lead Actor, Sound Design, Writing

“HENRY” (COMEDY/New York, NEW YORK); Alain Alfaro – creator (1 Award), Lead Actor

“HEY YUN” (COMEDY/Brooklyn, NEW YORK); Hye Yun Park – creator (1 Award), Lead Actress

“HORROR HOTEL” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR ANTHOLOGY/Marietta, GEORGIA); Ricky Hess – creator (4 Awards), Sound Design, Directing, Score, Series

“HOT MESS” (COMEDY/Brooklyn, NEW YORK); Amy Kersten – creator (2 Awards), Series, Writing

“HOW MEN BECOME DOGS” (DRAMEDY/Valley Village, CALIFORNIA); Marc Cunningham – creator (1 Award), Guest Actress

“HUMP DAY ROMANCE” (SKETCH COMEDY/Norfolk, VIRGINIA); Zeus “Top Rope Zeus” Campbell – creator (4 Awards), Lead Actor, Guest Actress, Supporting Actress, Series

“HUSTLING” (DRAMEDY/New York, NEW YORK); Sebastian La Cause – creator (4 Awards), Guest Actor, Writing, Supporting Actress, Series

“I TIZZY” (COMEDY/Bologna, ITALY); Giovanni Vitale – creator (2 Awards), Directing, Lead Actor

“I’M SPECIAL AND SO AM I” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Juliette Cohen – creator (4 Awards), Guest Actor, Writing, Guest Actor, Lead Actress

“I’M TRIGGERED” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Nicole Dalton, Karen Forman – creators (3 Awards)

Writing, (2 ) Lead Actress

“IN THE COMPANY OF FRIENDS” (TALK-LIFESTYLE/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Vanessa Bell-Calloway – creator (2 Awards), SERIES, THEME SONG

“INGLORIOUS HUNTERZ” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Pesaro, ITALY); Andrea Biondi, Luca Baggiarini, Stefano Rossini – creators (5 Awards), Score, Directing, Series, Theme Song, Editing

“ISSUES” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Richelle Meiss – creator (2 Awards) Guest Actor, Lead Actress

“IT’S TEMPORARY” (COMEDY/North Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Desi Ivanova, Svetlana Islamove – creators (1 Award) Lead Actress

“JACKPOT” (DRAMA/New York, NEW YORK); Tony Ducet – creator (6 Awards), Series, Writing, Directing, Lead Actress, Lead Actor, Supporting Actor,

“JEWDATE” (COMEDY/Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA); Aaron Webman, Ethan Webman, Jason Mittleman, Jared Waks – creators (3 Awards), (2) Guest Actress, Writing

“JOHNNY DYNAMO” (DRAMEDY/LaVergne, TENNESSEE); Joe Thomas and Dennis Mareno – creators (4 Awards), Writing, (2) Supporting Actors, Supporting Actress

“JOHNNY” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Carosino, ITALY); Roberto and Eros D’Antona – creators (3 Awards), Writing, Lead Actor, Series

“JOSIE & DALE” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Stephanie Carrie – creator (1 Award), Guest Actress

“JUST PLAYING WITH JASON” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Talya Adams – creator (3 Awards), Supporting Actor, Writing, Lead Actor

“KAT & EIS” (COMEDY/New York, NEW YORK); Kathryn Dines, Eiseley Tauginas – creators (1 Award) Best Actor

“KID’S TOWN” (DRAMA/Oakville, Ontario, CANADA); Tomas Street – creator (2 Awards), Lead Actor, Writing

“KILL ‘EM ALL” (DRAMA/Kansas City, MISSOURI); Jesse Pringle – creator (4 Awards), Directing, Writing, Guest Actor Series

“KILLER BODIES” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Tate Ammons & Mead Thompson – creators (3 Awards), Directing, Cinematography, Special/Visual Effects

“KIMCHI WARRIOR” (ANIMATION/Seoul, KOREA); Young Man Kang – creator (3 Awards), Animated Series, Cinematography, Score

“KING OF FITNESS” (DRAMEDY/Miami, FLORIDA); Andrew Thomas Pitkin, Shawn M. Smith – creators (1 Award) Score

“KNOCK KNOCK” (DRAMEDY/Lagos, NIGERIA); Naz Onuzo, Zulu Onuekwusi, Omotayo and Damola Ademola – creators (3 Awards) (2)Lead Actors, Theme Song

“L.A. GIRLS” (COMEDY/Studio City, CALIFORNIA); Tiffany Ariany – creator (1 Award) Lead Actress

“LAB RATS” (DRAMA/London, ENGLAND); Sam Washington & Louis Rosenberg – creators (1 Award), Series

“LAVIDA.ES” (COMEDY/Barcelona, SPAIN); Pau Serracant & Camilo Villaverde – creators (1 Award), Writing

“LEGACY” (INTERACTIVE NARRATIVE DRAMA/Nashville, TENNESSEE); Chris Hollo – creator (4 Awards), Sound Design, Series Writing, Score

“LES PEVETISTES” (COMEDY/Vancouver, CANADA); Frederique Remy & Fred Golstein – creators (1 Award), Lead Actor

“LIBRES” (DRAMA/Madrid, SPAIN); Alex Rodrigo – creator (4 Awards), Cinematography,( 2) Lead Actress, Supporting Actor

“LIFE COACH CHRONICLES” (DRAMA/Glendale, CALIFORNIA); Freda Hobbs – creator (3 Awards), Series, Lead Actress, Writing,

“LIFE OF MOM” (VLOG (comedy)/Sherman Oaks, CALIFORNIA); Johanna Stein – creator (6 Awards), Series, Writing, Host, Cinematography, Directing, Editing

“LIFE WITH KAT & MCKAY” (COMEDY/Studio City, CALIFORNIA); Sandra J. Payne – creator (3 Awards) Lead Actress, Supporting, Actress, Writing

“LITTLE HORRIBLES” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Amy York Rubin – creator (1 Award), Lead Actress

“LITTLE WOMEN, BIG CARS” (COMEDY/Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA); Sherry Cohen – creator (10 Awards), Writing, (2) Supporting Actor, (3 )Lead Actress, Series, Directing, Editing, Lead Actor

“LOCK! POOP! FLUSH”(DRAMEDY/HONG KONG)Howard Tian-creator [Hong Kong Webfest 2013 Grand Prize Winner] (2 Awards), Lead Actor, Directing

“LOST IN L.A.” (COMEDY/Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Sascha Raeburn – creator (1 Award), Ensemble Cast

“LOVE, ABBY” (VLOG/New York, NEW YORK); Samantha Goettlich – creator (3 Awards), Series, Writing, Host

“LUCIDITY” (SCIFI-FANTASY/Mesa, ARIZONA); Danny Torgersen & Sean Oliver – creators (1 Award), Cinematography

“LUNGS” (DRAMA/Barrington, RHODE ISLAND); Seth Chitwood – creator (4 Awards), Series premise, Series, Writing, Supporting Actress

“MALICE” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Falls Church, VIRGINIA); Phillip Cook – creator (6 Awards), Lead Actress, Series, Sound Design, Directing, Editing, Special/Visual Effects

“MANIGANCES:  NOTICE ROUGE (SHENANIGANS 2: RED NOTICE)/(DRAMA/Montreal Quebec, CANADA)  Isabel Drean, Simon Cote, Ghislain O’Pretre – creators (2 Awards), Writing, Lead Actress

“MARHABA” (REALITY-DOCUMENTARY/Barcelona, SPAIN); Sergi Cervera – creator (1 Award), Cinematography

“MAX & BILLY’S TIME MACHINE GIRL” (INTERACTIVE NARRATIVE DRAMA/Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS); Jeroen Koopman – creator (1 Award), Lead Actress

“ME + U:  SEASON 2” (COMEDY/Geneva, SWITZERLAND); Kantarama Gahigiri – creator (2 Awards), Directing, Theme Song 

“MEET THE LADYBUGS” (ANIMATION/North Bergen, NEW JERSEY); Dorothy Wallace – creator (1 Award), Series

“MELODRAMA” (DRAMA/Naples, ITALY); Vittorio Adinolfi – creator (1 Award) Cinematography

“MILLIONS” (DRAMA/Ontario, CANADA); Andrew Chung – creator (2 Awards), Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor

“MINUTESWORTH” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Gordon Thomas – creator (1 Award), Lead Actor

“MISDIRECTED” (COMEDY/Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA); Marion Kerr – creator (2 Awards) Ensemble Cast, Series

“MISS HOLLAND” (MOCKUMENTARY-REALITY/London, ENGLAND); Eline van der Velden – creator (1 Award), Lead Actress

“MISSION BACKUP EARTH”(SCIFI-FANTASY/Berlin, GERMANY) Alexander Pfander-creator [Melbourne Webfest 2013 Grand Prize Winner]  (4 Awards), Director, Editing, Cinematography, Special/Visual Effects

“MODERN MUSIC” (COMEDY (mockumentary)/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Bill Brennenstuhl – creator (1 Award), Theme Song

“MOMMY, TELL ME A STORY” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Mouncey Ferguson, Elise Robertson, Stephen Statler, Cricket Ginty – creators (2 Awards), Lead Actress, Series

“MOMS” (COMEDY/North Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Saadiqa Muhammad – creator (1 Award), Guest Actress

“MY SUPER-OVERACTIVE IMAGINATION” (COMEDY/Venice, CALIFORNIA); Cat Rhinehart-creator (3 Awards), Ensemble Cast, Series Leads, Guest Stars

“NERD OF THE DEAD” (HORROR (comedy)/Sao Paulo, BRAZIL); Chris Tex – creator (7 Awards), Directing, Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Special/Visual Effects, Lead Actress, Lead Actor,

“NEXT UP” (COMEDY/Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Aaron R. Lewis – creator  (1 Award), Supporting Actress

“NO STRINGS, PLEASE” (DRAMEDY/WASHINGTON D.C.); Gemal Woods – creator (1 Award), Writing

“NOIRHOUSE” (DRAMEDY/Tasmania, AUSTRALIA); Tim Logan, Nathan Spencer, Shaun Wilson – creator (3 Awards), Cinematography, Score, Sound Design

“NOT IT” (COMEDY/Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Angelique Gray – creator (1 Award), Ensemble Cast

“OFF AWFUL” (COMEDY/Naples, FLORIDA); Sarah Jane Marek, Leah Dashe – creators (2 Awards) (2) Guest Actors

“OLD SOULS” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIORNIA), Ian Michaels-creator (6 Awards), Series, Series Premise, (2)Lead Actress, Writing, Directing,

“ON BEGLEY STREET” (REALITY/Sherman Oaks, CALIFORNIA); Billy Frank, Jennie S. Lake, Raphael Sbarge, Rachelle Carson – producers (2 Awards), Series, Sound Design

“ONE HIT DIE” (MOCKUMENTARY/Calgary, Alberta, CANADA); Spencer Estabrooks – creator (1 Award), Writing

“OUT WITH DAD:  3.1” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA); Jason Leaver—creator (5 Awards), Series, Sound Design, Lead Actor, (2) Supporting Actress,

“P.S.M. CONFIDENTIAL” (DRAMA/Venezia, ITALY); Andrea Malpighi – creator (1 Award), Directing

“PARALLELS” (DRAMA/Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA); Steven Bennett – creator (7 Awards), Lead Actor, (2) Lead Actress, Series,(2) Supporting Actress, Writing

“PAY UP” (COMEDY/Toronto, CANADA); Lee Broker, Richard Glen Lett, Craig McNaughton – creators (6 Awards), Series Premise, Lead Actor, Series, Writing, Directing, Editing

“PLANT” (COMEDY/New York, NEW YORK); Andrew Nielson – creator (5 Awards), Series, Guest Actress, Lead Actress, Writing, Supporting Actress

“POLARIS” (SCIFI-FANTASY/Vancouver, CANADA); Emma Peterson – creator (2 Awards), Writing, Cinematography

“PRESSURE POINTS” (DRAMA ANTHOLOGY/Lawrenceville, GEORGIA); Phil Stevens – creator (6 Awards), (4) Lead Actress, Series, Writing, Lead Actor

“PRISON PROFITEERS” (DOCUMENTARY/Culver City, CALIFORNIA); Jesse Lava – creator (2 Awards), Series, Writing

“PROFESSIONAL FRIEND” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA) Eric Bilitch – creator (4 Awards), Lead Actor, Writing, Guest Actor, Supporting Actor

“PROJECT HOLLYWOOD” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Laura A. Garcia, Kristin Larson, Scott Kieffer  (1 Award)Johnson – creators (3 Awards), (2) Supporting Actors, Guest Actor

“PROJECT-M” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Montreal, Quebec, CANADA); Eric Piccoli, Mario J. Ramos, Julien Deschamps Jolen – creators, (1 Award), Cinematography

“RAG DOLLS” (DRAMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Melissa Rivera – creator (1 Award), Lead Actress

“RANDOM ACTS” (COMEDY/Vancouver, WASHINGTON); Marc Steele – creator (4 Awards), Writing, Lead Actor, Guest Actor, Series

“RESEARCH” (COMEDY/Burbank, CALIFORNIA); Adam Hall – creator (1 Award), Lead Actress

“ROMANTIC ENCOUNTERS WITH MELINDA HILL” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Melinda Hill – creator (3 Awards), Writing, (2) Guest Actors

“RUN AWAY” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Ustica, ITALY); Riccardo Cannella – creator (5 Awards), Cinematography, Editing, Directing, Series, Sound Design

“SANFRANLAND” (COMEDY/San Francisco, CALIFORNIA); Ryan Lynch – creator (3 Awards)

Series, Directing and Ensemble Cast

“SAVED BY THE POLE” (DRAMEDY/Encino, CALIFORNIA); Jonisha Rios – creator (1 Award) Cinematography

“SEEKING” (COMEDY/New York, NEW YORK); Ronit Aranoff – creator (1 Award) Lead Actress

“SHADOW BOUND” (SCI-FI-FANTASY-HORROR/Chicago, ILLINOIS); Nathan Shelton – creator (2 Awards)

Cinematography and Score

“SHADOWS OF THE PLAGUE” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR (drama)/Palermo, ITALY); Rosalia Le Calze & Allesio Messina – creators (5 Awards) Lead Actor, Cinematography, Editing, Special/Visual Effects and Writing


LEBANON); Katie Saleh – creator (10 Awards) Writing, Sound Design, Series, Supporting Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, Directing, Editing, Score and Cinematography

“SIN VIDA PROPIA (WITHOUT A LIFE OF MY OWN)”/(COMEDY/Valencia, SPAIN); Ana Ramon Rubio– creator

(2 Awards) Lead Actress and Series

“SINGLE SIBLINGS” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Meryl Hathaway & Chris Alvarado – creators

(2 Awards) Lead Actress and Writing

“SINGLE_NEVER_MARRIED” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Lauren Hamilton—creator

(1 Award) Guest Actress

“SISTAH DID WHAT?” (COMEDY/Woodland Hills, CALIFORNIA); Michael Blackman – creator

(1 Award) Lead Actress

“SISTERLY DISORDER”(SOAP OPERA (comedy))/Harlysville, PENNSYLVANIA); Jennifer Knebl – creator

(2 Awards) Lead Actress (2)

“SO AWKWARD” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Tarah Consoli, Elliot Joseph – creators

(2 Awards) Directing and Guest Actor

“SOCIAL DEVIANT” (REALITY/Valley Village, CALIFORNIA); Diane Alva – creator (1 Award) Host

“SOMEONE NOT THERE” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA); Sherren Lee – creator (9 Awards)

Series, Writing, Directing, Lead Actress, Supporting Actress, Score, Sound Design, Cinematography and Editing

“SOURCES” (DOCUMENTARY/Chantilly, VIRGINIA); Yasmin Shiraz – creator (1 Award) Series

“SOUTHEAST OF REASON” (SCIFI-FANTASY/Zagreb, CROATIA); Ratimir Rakuljic—creator (5 Awards)

Visual/Special Effects, Sound Design, Cinematography, Directing and Editing

“SPIRITS” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Lancaster, CALIFORNIA) ; Kristian Gabriel – creator

(6 Awards) Series, Editing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Directing, Lead Actress,

“SPLIT” (DRAMA/Calabasas, CALIFORNIA) Rebecca Norris-creator (1 Award) Score

“STAN LEE’S BAD DAYS” (ANIMATION)/Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA); Vuguru – producer (1 Award) Directing

“STANDARD ACTION:  SEASON 2” (SCIFI-FANTASY/Vancouver, CANADA); Joanna Gaskell – creator (4 Awards)

Cinematography, Sound Design, Score and Directing

“STILL” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Everett, WASHINGTON); Jonathan Holbrook-creator (4 Awards)

Directing, Editing, Series and Visual/Special Effects

“STUDIO CITY” (COMEDY/Sherman Oaks, CALIFORNIA); Chris O’Neill-creator (1 Award) Supporting Actress

“SUBCLASS 417” (DRAMEDY/St. Kilda, AUSTRALIA); Christian Heath, Elijah Egan—creators (1 Award)

Lead Actor

“SUIT UP 2:  ONE AND DONE” (DRAMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIORNIA); Fox Digital Studio – creators (5 Awards)

Directing, Writing, Supporting Actor, Lead Actor and Series

“SUSISUSHI” (ANIMATION/Marina Del Rey, CALIFORNIA); Matt Vlahakis – creator

(2 Awards) Theme Song and Writing

“TAILGATE32” (TRAVEL/TALK/LIFESTYLE/Washington, MICHIGAN); John and Mike Trupiano – creators (1 Award) Series Premise/Concept


(1 Award) Series

“TALLEST POPPIES:  THE RAPPERS” (MUSIC/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Julian Curtis & Lisa Kowalski – creators (1 Award) Series

“TEENAGERS” (DRAMA/Toronto, CANADA); Mathew Murray & Sara Tamosauskas – creators (3 Awards)

Series, Writing and Sound Design

“TELEVISEAN” (SOAP OPERA/Woodland Hills, CALIFORNIA); Sean Robinson – creator (1 Award)

Supporting Actor


(2 Awards) Sound Design and Costume Design

“THE CASTING ROOM: SEASON 3” (COMEDY/Toronto, CANADA); Stephanie Gorin, Naomi Snieckus-creators (3 Awards) Guest Actor, Lead Actress and Series Premise/Concept

“THE CAT LADY CHRONICLES” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Angela Dugan – creator (1 Award)

Supporting Actress

“THE CELL” (DRAMA/Richmond, VIRGINIA); Bryan Thompson & Cesar Pujol – creators (2 Awards)

Directing and Special/Visual Effects

“THE COLD READ” (COMEDY/Watertown, MASSACHUSETTES); Curtis Reid and Brian Farmer – creators (3 Awards) Writing, Lead Actress and Supporting Actor

“THE COSMONAUT EXPERIENCE” (DRAMA/Madrid, SPAIN); Nicolas Alcala, Bruno Teixidor – creator (2 Awards)

Directing and Cinematography

“THE CURIOUS COOK:  SEASON 2” (TRAVEL-TALK-LIFESTYLE/New York, NEW YORK); Samantha Goettlich – creator (2 Awards) Ensemble Cast and Series

“THE DARK KNIGHT RETIRES” (COMEDY/West Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Hunter Davis, Mike Melo – creators (3 Awards) Writing, Series and Guest Actor

“THE FACULTY” (COMEDY/ Middletown, NEW YORK); Ephraim Chase – creator (1 Award)

Ensemble Cast

“THE FATBOY FOOD CRITIC” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Kevin Murry—creator (1 Award)

Lead Actor

“THE FULL ENGLISH” (COMEDY/North Hollywood, CALIFORNIA); Andy Demetrio – creator (2 Awards)

Theme Song and Lead Actor

“THE FUZZ” (COMEDY/Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA); Christopher Ford, Jon Watts – creators (6 Awards)

Series, Writing, Directing, Editing, Cinematography and Lead Actor

“THE GAUNTLET” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Sydney, AUSTRALIA); Kimberly Melville & Rachel Lu—creators (3 Awards) Series, Lead Actress (2)

“THE GERMERICANS” (SKETCH COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Julie Rees – creator (4 Awards)

Writing, Guest Actor, Lead Actress and Series

“THE GIRLS GUIDE” (DRAMA/Calgary, Alberta, CANADA); Justine Stevens – creator (2 Awards)

Series and Ensemble Cast

“THE HIGHWAYMAN” (DRAMA/Clifton Park, NEW YORK); Lucas Wilson – creator (1 Award)

Theme Song

“THE HORIZON” (DRAMA/Dulwich Hill, AUSTRALIA); Boaz Stark and Adam Jones – creators (4 Awards)

Lead Actor (2), Series and Writing

“THE JOURNEY OF DOCUMENTARY” (DOCUMENTARY/Melbourne, AUSTRALIA); Atalanti Dionysus – creator

(1 Award) Series

“THE JUSTICE LEASE” (COMEDY/Sydney, AUSTRALIA); Jeremy Brull, Paul Michael Ayre—creators (8 Awards)

Lead Actor (2), Writing, Series, Directing, Sound Design, Score and Theme Song

“THE LADIES & THE GENTS” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Robb Padgett, Steven Lekowicz, (1 Award)


“THE LOUISE LOG” (COMEDY/New York, NEW YORK); Anne Flournoy – creator (2 Awards) Lead Actress and Writing

“THE LYONS DEN: SEASON 4” (SOAP OPERA/Augusta, GEORGIA); Karlton T. Clay – creator (3 Awards)

Guest Actor, Supporting Actress and Lead Actress

“THE MARRIAGE TOUR: SEASON 2” (DRAMEDY/Santa Clarita, CALIFORNIA), David Tinsley-creator (4 Awards)

Series, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and Writing

“THE NAKED ONES (“LES TOUT-NUS”)/(SKETCH COMEDY/Montreal, CANADA); Benoit Lach, Vincent Lafortune – creators (2 Awards) Series and Directing

“THE OLDEST JOB IN THE WORLD” (COMEDY/Naples, ITALY); Ferdinando Carcavallo – creator (2 Awards)

Lead Actress and Writing

“THE PANTLESS DETECTIVE” (COMEDY/Austin, TEXAS); Dipu Bhattacharya, Tom Chamberlain—creators

(2 Awards) Series Composer and Editing

“THE SERIES” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Brian Merritt – creator (2 Awards) Writing and Lead Actor

“THE SEX TRADE” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA), Holly Payberg-creator (5 Awards) Lead Actress,

Lead Actor, Series, Series Premise/Concept and Writing

“THE STAFFORD PROJECT” (COMEDY/Toluca Lake, CALIFORNIA); Michelle Stafford, Paige Dorian, Paige Long—creators (5 Awards) Lead Actress, Series, Writing, Guest Actor and Guest Actress

“THE SUPER FEMMES” (SCIFI-FANTASY/Cary, NORTH CAROLINA); Dean Garris & Tim Bell – creators (1 Award)


“THE THERAPIST:  SEASON 2” (DRAMA/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Geno Brooks – creator (5 Awards)

Lead Actress, Guest Actor, Writing, Series and Supporting Actress

“THE TIFFANY AND ERIN SHOW” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Tiffany Berube, Erin Coleman, Lizzie Donaldson – creators (3 Awards) Lead Actress (2) and Guest Actor

“THE TRUE HEROINES” (DRAMEDY/Vancouver, CANADA); Jovanna Huguet, Paula Giroday, Fiona Vroom, Joel Sturrock & Nicholas Carella – creators (3 Awards) Cinematography, Series and Directing

“THE USHERS” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Rome, ITALY); Chiara De Caroli, Andrea Galata – creators (1 Award)


“THURSTON: SEASON 2” (DRAMA, Reston, VIRGINIA); Kathryn O’Sullivan, Paul Awad – creators (1 Award)


“THIJS AND THE LADIES” (COMEDY/Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS); Joris van den Berg – creator (4 Awards)

Lead Actor, Writing, Editing and Series

“TO LIVE & DIE IN OPA HUMPKA – SEASON 2” (COMEDY-STUDENT/Miami Beach, FLORIDA); Lisa Gottlieb – creator (2 Awards) Series and Writing

“TOO EASY” (COMEDY/Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA); David M. Green & Alex Williamson – creators (5 Awards)

Lead Actor (2), Series, Supporting Actor and Writing

“TURBO DATES” (SKETCH COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Jocelyn Stamat- creator (1 Award) Writing

“UN-MATE:  SEASON 2—STAN” (COMEDY/Milano, ITALY); Giovanna Senatore – creator (1 Award) Score

“UNDER THE HUD” (COMEDY/New Westminster, British Columbia, CANADA); Ryan Peters – creator (3 Awards)

Special/Visual Effects, Theme Song and Directing

“UNTITLED: THE SERIES” (COMEDY/Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA); Deirdre McCullagh, Cassie Rainne – creators (6 Awards) Series, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Guest Actress (2), Writing

“VALET” (COMEDY/Sherman Oaks, CALIFORNIA); Brandon Breault, Matthew Morgan – creators (2 Awards)

Series Premise and Supporting Actor

“VAMPIRES” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Paris, FRANCE); Stephane Mussard – creator (5 Awards) Directing, Editing, Series, Special/Visual Effects and Writing

“VANCOUVRIA” (COMEDY/Portland, OREGON); Brighton West- creator (1 Award), Writing in a Comedy

“VIDEOHEAD” (SKETCH COMEDY/Cottesloe, AUSTRALIA); Jonathan Weyland – creator (1 Award) Writing

“VOYAGE TREKKERS:  SEASON 2” (SCIFI/Phoenix, ARIZONA); Nathan Blackwell – creator (5 Awards)

Cinematography, Score, Series Premise/Concept, Sound Design, Special/Visual Effects

“WALTER WANTS A WOMAN” (COMEDY/Auckland, NEW ZEALAND); Rachel Roy, Jeremy Garland, Paul Hung – creators (1 Award) Series

“WASTELANDER PANDA” (SCIFI-FANTASY-HORROR/Adelaide, AUSTRALIA); Victoria Cocks & Marcus McKenzie – creators (3 Awards) Directing, Writing and Series Premise

“WE ARE FAMILY” (COMEDY/Sherman Oaks, CALIFORNIA); Dingani Beza, Zondwayo Beza – creators (2 Awards) Supporting Actor (2)

“WE NEED HELP”(COMEDY/Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA); Cheryl Hines, Rachel Harris – creators (5 Awards) Lead Actress (2), Series, Writing and Directing

“WHAT DO MEN WANT?” (DRAMA/Singapore, SINGAPORE); Jason Chan & Christian Lee – creators (1 Award) Directing

“WIMPOLE STREET” (COMEDY/London, ENGLAND); Caitlin Shannon – creator (1 Award) Ensemble Cast

“WINDOW DRESSING” (COMEDY/West Hills, CALIFORNIA); Kat Parlardy, Dan Foster – creators (3 Awards) Guest Actor, Lead Actress (2)

“WRECKED” (SOAP OPERA/Bainbridge Island, WASHINGTON D.C.), Liz Ellis – creator (2 Awards) Lead Actress, Writing

“WRITER’S BLOCK” (COMEDY/Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA); Gini Adhikari, Kay Marvin – creators

(1 Award) Theme Song

“WRITTEN IT DOWN” (COMEDY/Melbourne, AUSTRALIA); Dave Zwolenski & Matt Saraceni – creators

(2 Awards) Lead Actor and Lead Actress

“YOUNG N’ RECKLESS” (SOAP OPERA/New York, NEW YORK); Kajuana S. Marie – creator (4 Awards) Editing, Lead Actress (2) and Series

“YOUTHFUL DAZE” (DRAMA/Reseda, CALIFORNIA); Bryan James-creator (2 Awards) Premise/Concept

and Writing

“ZOZO” (ANIMATION (comedy)/Paasris, FRANCE); Alexandre Follain, Stephanie Thorpe, Tanya Ihnen, Avi Glijansky – creators (2 Awards) Sound Design and Special Effects



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