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The official award ceremony of the second edition of the Roma Web Fest took place on September 28th in the Auditorium of the MAXXI, National Museum of XXI Century Arts.

Janet De Nardis, art director and creator of the RWF, introduced the event. She described the festival as a small place in the sky where a new shade of blue could shine, a shade that is the one of the web series and of all those audio-visual creations which are born on the internet thanks to people’s passion and talent.

A lot of people took part at the event, and in front of the crowded room and of the many famous actors that participated to the ceremony, the director thanked the panel of judges, for having been so accurate and precise on visioning the final projects, and the spectators, for their presence to the panels and the meetings during the days of the festival. They made possible to put into the spotlight the world of web series, which are cleverly making their way into the audio-visual world thanks to their artistic value.

The event was presented by the comedian Saverio Raimondo, who amused the audience with his hilarious sketches.

The panels of judges, which sat in the front line, was composed of:

Marco Muller (Critic and Cinema Producer; since 2011 he is Art Director for the Roma International Film Festival),

Luca Argentero (Actor and Producer),

Cristina Priarone (General Director of Roma Lazio Film Commission),

Massimo Gaudioso (Screenwriter and Director),

Michele Ferrarese (Executive Creative Director for Fox International),

Paola Minaccioni (Actress and Comedian),

Leonardo Ferrara (RAI Fiction),

Massimiliano Bruno (Director, Screenwriter and Actor),

Massimo Razzi (Director of Kataweb, magazine of Repubblica.it)

Mario Sesti (Journalist and Cinema Critic)

The panel of judged decided to assign the following awards:

Roma Web Fest Award: Milano Underground

Best Italian Series: Esami

Best Foreign Series: Libres

Best Production: Under

Best Director: Ivan Silvestrini (Under)

People’s Choice Award: Felici ma Furlans

Best Special Effects: Elba – l’eredità di Napoleone

Best Script/Screenplay: Elba – l’eredità di Napoleone

Best Editing: Milano Underground

Best Photography: Quella sporca sacca nera

University Pilot Award: The Watcher

Best Soundtrack: Under

Best Sound Design: Unider

Best actor: ex aequo Franco Ravera (Notte Noir) and Luca De Giovanni (Il vecchio col cappello).

Best actress: Valentina Bellè (Under)

Best Scenic Design/Costumes: Under

Best Graphic: Preti

Best Horror Scene: Horror vacui (starting scene)

Best Comic Scene: Coglione no (the plumber scene)

Best Action Scene: Quella sporca sacca nera

Panel of Judges’ Special Mention: Preti

RWF Special Mention: The Jackal

Breaking Personality of the Year: Edoardo Ferrario

Moreover, for the first time Rai Fiction gives two awards:

Best Web Series, which goes to Under

Special Mention for talent which goes to Elba – L’eredità di Napoleone


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