MAXXI Arte stands as a contemporary museum set within unconventional architecture,a point of departure for a new museographic experience that breaks with the past.

With a natural vocation for contemporary creativity, MAXXI Arte is and intends to continue to be an interpreter of and an outlet for diverse voices, aware that contemporaneity has varied forms with roots in the 20th century and even further back. The museum therefore focuses on the promotion of young art and the valorisation of those we may consider as its masters and movements that were active in the 20th century but still dialogue with the 21st.

Faithful to the idea underlying its conception, with its surface area of 13,500 square meters and its permanent collection MAXXI Arte represents an experimental space that as well as its own collection and exhibition programme proposes an interdisciplinary cultural offering that naturally includes art but also explores theatre, dance, music, fashion, graphics, film and advertising. The museum’s activities are well suited to its flow structure that makes possible a reading that is not conditioned by the spaces and the works, a unique experience for visitors who are invited to explore a temporal and spatial contemporaneity composed of events, exhibitions and performances.

In developing this openness to the contemporary in its various forms and periods, MAXXI Arte has over time assembled its own collection thanks to acquisitions, prizes, donations and. It can now count on around 300 works and intends to further expand its holdings in order to continue to offer its public a broad and informed overview of national and international contemporaneity.