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Fashion Film Vincitori 2013 - Roma Web Fest

Fashion Film Vincitori 2013

The first edition of the Rome Web Fest took place from September 27th, 2013 to September 29th, 2013 in the Golden Theatre in Rome. The quality board was officiated by Adriano Franchi, Alta Roma director. The board, together with the spectators, examined the six works arrived in the final (A&B, Let’s sew again, Narcissa, Have a good night, Rebeca – Insomnia, Prada wears the devil) and offered to the winner Prada wears the devil the possibility to open the roman festival in the January 2014 edition. Many of the competitors opted for a slick storytelling, with a sort of sacred veneration of the genre. The exception is represented by Let’s sew again, a product recommended to those who still associate a playful value to fashion.

Martina Chiella (Armoire de mode), our editorial staff’s first choice due to her fancy and spontaneity, and Floriana Serani (Black Blessed Blog), who has already launched her fashion line, won ex-aequo the fashion blogger contest. The other competitors were: Federica Cimetti (laragazzadaicapellirossi.com), Alessia Quaresima (theshoppingtherapy.com), Eleonora Manzi (rougeandchocolate.com), Eleonora Branca (kaleidoscopicmirror.com), Francesca Costantini (skinkifra.com), Martina Corradetti (thefashioncoffee.com), Federica Orlandi (lefreaks.com) and Veronica Caputo (jeveronique.com). In the wonderful set of White Gallery, between designed clothes and diva-like poses, the ten web trends experts opened up about themselves, revealing hobbies and hidden dreams.

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