Call for applications to participate in the roma web fest competition 2018

Casa del Cinema (Largo Marcello Mastroianni, 1, Rome) from 28th to 30th November

The Cultural Association ANCEF (National Association of Creative People and Filmmakers) announces the sixth call for applications for the Roma Web Fest Competition 2018. The Competition has been designed to link young Italian and foreign filmmakers with the major Italian and foreign TV and cinema production companies. The festival wants to promote a new business model aimed at bridging cinema and TV companies with authors who are active on the web.


  • Opening submissions: May 13, 2018
  • Closing submissions: September 30, 2018
  • Official selection list: October 15, 2018
  • Awards Ceremony: November 30, 2018


The date of actual execution of the event awards may vary slightly for logistical needs.

You can enter the following audiovisual works: Web Series (in various categories), pilot (web series) Short film, V/R (products of augmented and virtual reality)

Entries may also be unprecedented: at the time of registration must be available for the organization’s Roma Web Fest on the web, with a password, on any online distribution platform. The same works will remain accessible in the same way, on such platforms, for the duration of the contest, until the day of the ceremony. Penalty the exclusion from the competition. Is possible to enroll new works which in previous years did not win any prizes.


The following definitions are applied to this announcement:

* A “Web Series” is a series of fiction products (made at least of 2 episodes) designed to be released on the web or displayed on mobile devices. The web series must be made of two or more episodes with the same title and brand (if any). The episodes must have a background story describing the vicissitudes of the same main characters, or they must share a common theme. All episodes have to be web-native. Previews, trailers, size reels, demo reels, advertising spots, film sequences for cinema distribution or home video release, episodes of old TV series distributed through a free TV channel, or pay TV, or cable TV of any sort, pilot episodes of TV series that have not been sold cannot be considered web series.

* An “episode” is a single part of a web series with the maximum length of 40 minutes.

* “Authors” are natural persons resident in Italy or abroad that are at least eighteen years old. For minors a disclaimer certified by their legal guardian is necessary.

* An “audiovisual production company” is a company resident in Italy or abroad having as core business the production of audiovisual products.

* “Cultural associations” means the non-profit associations resident in Italy and abroad.

* Pilot (web series): it means the initial episode from which will emerge the webserial project (you can subscribe to this category only the web series that produced one episode)

* Short films: is a video with the maximum permitted duration is 40 minutes. The short films are used to represent the different types of film (comedy, thriller, etc.) with a dry style than the feature film.

* Virtual reality video: is a video in which it has been created an immersive reality completely alternative to the one around us in everyday life. This happens through the use of a viewer that isolates us completely from the surrounding environment immersing ourselves in an imaginary world, sometimes at 360 ^

* Augmented reality video: videos that are exploitable through AR viewers, but that they don’t provide total isolation from the environment, with which the user maintains the eye contact, while the viewer takes care to superimpose all the information considered useful.



2.1 Winners of the most important Roma Web Fest awards will be admitted to the web series festivals twinned with the Roma Web Fest (as specified in the “Award” section on the website / /


3.1 Registration to the Roma Web Fest 2018 can be completed from May 13, 2018 to September 30, 2018.

3.2 only for the videos participating in the Audience Award: Internet users can vote the videos on or or from its registration untill September 30, 2018. It is only for public award.

3.3 Registration can be completed exclusively online by filling in the forms available on or, or

3.3/a The videos can be registered by Italian or foreign authors, cultural associations, and audiovisual production companies. Authors must be at least 18 years old at the moment of registration; if minors, they must be authorized by their legal guardian.

3.4 In order to apply, authors and companies shall declare that they are the owners of all exploitation rights to the videos and that they accept the Disclaimer concerning the contents of the videos. They must also declare that the video is original and that it does not violate the rights of any third party. The Roma Web Fest is discharged from any claims coming from third parties.

3.5 At the moment of application at least his work or if the category “web series” 2 (two) episodes of the Web series, registered in the Roma Web Fest, must be already uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or another verifiable web platform. The videos can also be uploaded to the Roma Web Fest YouTube channel before completing the registration.

3.6 In the case of category “web serie” only 1 (one) episode of the web serie will enter in the competition and will be voted by users. The Roma Web Fest will be discharged from any responsibility if the video is posted on a platform (different from YouTube or Vimeo) which will result incompatible with the uploading system used by the contest.

3.7 The works must not have been published on the web before 1st January 2014.Nel if the category “web series” at least one episode must be loaded from 1st January 2014.

3.8 For the web series category the registration to the Roma Web Fest cannot be completed before the online publication of the second episode of the series.

3.9 Each author or company can register more than one (1) web series.

3.10 A video can be registered only into one category. The Technical Committee of the Roma Web Fest, having checked the contents, has the undisputable right to change the category selected at the moment of registration.

3.10 /a Ex aequo awards are also envisaged.

3.11 In web series section the categories in the competition are as follows:

* Action
* Cartoon
* Comedy/sketch
* Comedy/story
* Drama
* Mokumentary
* Documentary
* Web show/tutorial
* Branded web series
* Science/fantasy
* Horror
* Other

The Management of Roma Web Fest, reserves the sole right to cancel and / or modify certain categories of awards, if any competing work proves suitable to represent one.

3.11/a Pilots of web series realized by university students are a separate category. The rules for this category will be published in a separate call.

3.11/b SPECIAL MENTIONS. The special mentions were awarded prizes by the Management of Web Fest Rome at its sole discretion.

3.12 A Special Award is reserved for the best foreign work. The web series shot in other language than English must be subtitled in English or Italian.

3.13 A video will be considered accepted when published on the or or websites, once the Technical Committee of the Roma Web Fest has verified its regular registration.

3.14 Competition registration implies accepting subscrition to the Roma Web Fest newsletter and joining its organizing associations: ANCEF (National Association of Creative People and Filmmakers)
The annual membership fee is 58,00 Euros.
Each author can run with several works. There is an extra fee of

30,00 Euros for any single additional work


The Best Web Character Roma Web Fest awards are awarded to web personalities considered the best representatives of the class or YouTuber Gamer. These categories of awards do not require registration or payment of fees. The Management of RomA Web Fest makes, at its sole discretion, the selection of the best representatives for nomination.


4.1 The registration fee is 58,00 €, which is the cost of an annual membership to ANCEF and it has to be paid through Paypal or with bank transfer . ANCEF members are allowed toregister the first web series for free.

4.1/a The registration fee for a second (or eventually third, fourth etc.) work is 30,00 € each.

4.2 All registered videos, even the ones that will not pass the selections and, thus, will not run for the awards, will be showed during one day of the festival.


5.1 The selection of finalists will be made by the Scientific Committee before October 15, 2018 (first phase) and an evaluation by a qualified (second phase Jury) which will start on October 15 and will end on the last day of the Festival, November 30, 2018. Winners will be announced during the awards ceremony, the same 30 November 2018.

5.2 The Scientific Committee members are: Janet De Nardis (Artistic Director of the Roma Web Fest); Mauro Di Donato (Sapienza University); Elio Catania (president of digital confindustria; Andrea Minuz (sapienza University); Young Man Kang (Seoul Web fest Director).

5.2/a The final decision appertains to the Artistic Director.

5.3 The Jury of Experts will be composed of leading figures/illustrious exponents of the authorial world and professionals of the audiovisual industry.

5.4 The Jury members will be elected from the Scientific Committee within September 20, 2018.

5.5 Only for “Audience Award” the selection process starts online – Internet users will vote on the competing works until September 30, 2018


6.1 Italian and foreign videos will be evaluated according to the same criteria based on the following requirements: high artistic value, technical quality of the audiovisual product (intended as value of technical and technological elements of the project), potential attraction to an international audience, technical and professional skills of the authors, language innovation and web- awareness.

6.2 The videos can deal with any issue as long as it is not contrary to law nor results harmful or offensive to human rights and the dignity of the person or otherwise contrary to the ethical and moral principles.


7.1 The selection process will be subdivided into two steps:
a) Admission of the projects: the Italian Scientific verify if the projects fulfil the requisites listed/described in the announcement. Authors and production companies fill in the application form through the affiliation to ANCEF. The link of the completed payment of 58,00 € must be included in the form. The payment can be done by bank transfer to:
Associazione Nazionale Creativi e Filmmaker (ANCEF)
IT71L0200805120000103988809 or through Paypal.
Registration cannot be completed without the payment confirmation. In case of disqualification due to violations of regulations, the registration fee will not be refunded.
All documents (payment confirmation with reference email address, ID and the disclaimer downloaded from the website) must be sent to

b) Selection phase: The finalist works will be selected by the Scientific Committee by October 15, 2018.

7.2 The videos that have reached the final will be announced within October 15, 2018 on the following websites: and

7.3 The videos that have reached the final will enter the final stage of the competition. It will take place on November 28 /November 30th,
2018 during the Roma Web Fest 2018. These dates could change due to location accessibility. Any such variations will be communicated within September 1st, 2018.

7.4 The videos that have reached the final will be showed during the first two days of the festival, in a Special Section dedicated to the Competing Works. They will undergo the judgement of the Jury of Experts. Will be screened all the works admitted to the competition and non-finalists to give visibility to those who have access to the competition.

7.5 The Jury of Experts will chose and announce the winning videos of the Roma Web Fest 2018 during the third day of the festival. In that occasion, the award ceremony will take place.

7.6 Decisions made by the Jury of Experts are irrevocable.

7.7 Internet users will vote the web series from the time they are published on the Roma Web Fest website til September 30, 2018, 6 p.m. Users can give an evaluation (1 to 5 stars) clicking on the button corresponding to the number of stars they want to assign. Each user can express one vote for each web series in the competition. The winner will be determined by an average between the number of votes and the vote received based on the “stars”.


8.1 The competition participants authorize Roma Web Fest to promote and publish the registered web series on the competition website. Moreover, they authorize the web series projection during the last days of the festival, as well as in other twinned competitions and events related to the Roma Web Fest.

8.2 The competition participants guarantee the correct use of the registered materials and discharge Roma Web Fest from any responsibility regarding an unsuccessful or incomplete registration. Roma Web Fest is also discharged from any technical problems regarding content visualization of the videos registered or sent.

8.3 In order to register any videos the participants must sign the Disclaimer. Otherwise, the videos will be excluded from the competition.

8.4 The contest winners must explicitly mention that the web series has won the Roma Web Fest 2018 in their promotional and advertising materials or materials published on the internet after the competition.


9.1 Applications will be rejected in the following cases:

* If they are sent after the deadline (September 30, 2018 6 p.m.) -the reference date being the day in which the application form has been filled in.
* If they are unsigned.
* If they do not respond to the requisites listed in this announcement.
* If the contents of the works prove contrary to law and public order, or are harmful and offensive to human rights and the dignity of the person or otherwise contrary to the ethical and moral principles.


10.1 I accept that:

* The Festival uses my work for all purposes related to the competition.
* My work (or parts of it) is included in the promotional materials of the Roma Web Fest;
* My video (If participating in the Audience Award) will appear on and will be part of the Roma Web Fest archives.


11.1 The Court of Rome shall have exclusive jurisdiction on any dispute or disagreement arising out of or relating to the matters described hereof.


12.1 Participants, with the presentation of their works and the registration in the competition, consent to the treatment of their personal data for purposes pertaining to the competition, pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 196/2003. The participant authorizes the Cultural Association, “Associazione Nazionale Creativi e Filmmaker” (ANCEF), organizer of Roma Web Fest, to publish images, photographs, , films and/or videos recorded during the festival, on its website, in catalogues, and/or in other appropriate media, public and private outreach events, without compromising the personal dignity and decorum.

The participant also acknowledges that this authorization of rights does not in any way conflict with contractual agreements and/or rights of representative agencies, and therefore relieves UCL of any eventual third party claims in relation to this concession of rights.

The participant also authorizes the use of images and music, free of compensation or other monetary consideration. The participant, pursuant to Legislative Decree n. 196/2003, declares to be fully informed of the purposes and methods of the treatment of personal data and authorizes the storing of the material presented in the archives of Roma Web Fest. The participant declares to possess full ownership of exploitation rights, as per legislation 633/1941 as regards the audiovisual work, submitted in the Festival.

By filling in the registration form participants attest to the veracity of their statements.

Failure of any part of the regulation will cause the exclusion of the competition without the socio / excluded competitor has no right to a refund of previously paid registration fee. The selection of eligible works will be made by and at the discretion of the Director of Roma Web Fest.

The act of recognition implies the understanding and acceptance of this Regulation.


The structure of festival briefly:

PHASE A May 13, 2018 – September 30, 2018

To register for the competition, you have to register on the website: (eu or com) and to fill out the form of registration and make the payment.

Then you have to send a copy of a document, the disclaimer (to download from the site during the compilation of the form) and the payment receipt of the submission fee to

Videos will be judged by a Scientific Committee. They will decide who will enter the Phase B (finalists web series). At the end of Phase A, the winner of the Audience Award (online) will be determined.

The Audience can vote during the entire period of uploading of the videos on the Roma Web Fest web site.

PHASE B October 15, 2018 – November 30, 2018

On October 15 will be announced the list of the finalists who will compete to win the Roma Web Fest prizes. A qualified Jury will vote to assign the prizes. The winners will be announced on November, 30 during the awards ceremony that will take place at “Casa del Cinema”.


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