If you want to participate in the days of the festival IN THE DATES FROM 30 SEPTEMBER TO 2 October accredited: Fill out the form

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To apply for accreditation you must fill out the online form with your personal data.

Each participant may request only one accreditation, personal and not transferable to a single category that will have a total duration for the three days that go 30 September to 2 October.

The number of credits is limited.

The maximum number of credits available, will close the opportunity to fill out the form.

For the category Journalists accreditation requests will be considered in the order of arrival and the request is not considered accepted if not in possession of card journalistic (or professional publicist. If bloggers will get the request directly from the corresponding webzine. No considered those related to journalistic accreditation blog private, but public credits).

Sent the request for accreditation to the Rome Web Fest, the applicant will be required to print the voucher to be presented at the museum MAXXI for the withdrawal of the Pass.

The aforementioned credit (PASS) must be worn visibly, and shown, together with proof of identity, to any request to personnel in all areas of the Festival.

Accreditation is granted at the discretion of the Rome Web Fest’s left of it own and can decide the withdrawal of the same during the course of the event.

The accreditation is valid for the entire duration of the Festival (September 30 to 2 october).

Anyone applying for a credit will automatically subscribe to the newsletter.

Special events such as the award evenings, are by invitation only.

For the above-mentioned event, they are entitled to two tickets, all the finalists and the first seven finishers for each category.

Those eligible can apply by sending an email to confirmation for participation in the event award with the name of the participants.

The person making the request for accreditation implicitly accepts these rules of Rome Web Fest.

Pass Journalists

Access to all the rooms and all events except “special events Invitations”

The Pass Journalists can be picked up at the MAXXI from 30 September, showing the press card.


Pass Projections

Access to rooms in which there are projections. Excluded events dedicated to press conferences, master classes and meetings with the press.

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