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The winning works of the public award are finalists, like the other works selected by the Roma Web Fest and will be voted by the quality jury which will be announced on Monday 22 October at 11:00 during the press conference at the Auditorium Arte ( Rome Auditorium Parco della Musica).

The works that have gained access to the final stage will be able to win the prizes awarded by the quality jury.

While also the non-finalist works will participate in the award of the audience prize in the hall, the prize of international criticism (International Jury), the Next Prize Award, and the Best original idea.

Even the non-finalist works will be projected during the three days of the event, at the Casa del Cinema in Rome

The calendar of the projections of all the works (finalists and non-finalists) will be published by October 30th.

Short Films Finalists 2018

VR Category Finalists 2018

Episodes Zero Finalists 2018

Public Award 2018

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